Bahubali – A declaration of caste conciousness…………

It is an historical fact that whenever things grow old it imrpoves its quality. The most suitable example is given in this contaxt is of wine. Older one is the best. In this context if we think of Indian cinema, ireespective of language and region the mainstrem industry badly failed to transform it to a progressive one.

As we all know that the cinema is the reflection of the society. And Indian Cinema truly reflects what society think.

“Bahubali: The Begining” and “The Conclusion” both are the discussion of the hour. News channels dedicated shows and slots to discuss the cinema and its victory in the box offices. Bahubali 2 is a wonderful visual treat for the Indian Audience. A regional cinema conquered the world of undisputed player, Bollywood.

Most of the time what i felt is that day by day the cinema or film is going regressive. Bahubali 2 is the loud declaration of caste pratice or conciousness in the society we live in.

The entire film shows how dalits or lower caste are always meant to bare the burden of the sins of the upper caste. Kattapa is meant to become the shield to protect the Qyeen from doing sins. They are treated as if they are a machines which have the capacity to hold all the sins of the upper caste. Here upper caste is very much relavant with the ruling class of the state.

The brilliance of the Director is when he put a curtain on those things which make provaoke the sentiments of dalits with his extraordianary skills of Visual Effects. This is how it happens. The oppression are hide under the curtain and  beautiful banners development and unfulfilled promises.

India witnessed all these political gimmics all these years. The irony is that we spent millions to declare to this world that India alwasy practised claste and to this day the collective psyche works on this caste conciousness.



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