Ramadan – an antidote for islamophobia

Ramadan is once again upon us. The month which open the doors of guidance to the humanity. Which gifted the book which transformed a nomad community into the leaders of the world. But at the same time the month of ramadan is a political statment of Islam in the age of Islamophobia.

As we all knew, 9/11 started a new age, the age of Islamophobia. Islam and Muslims were demonised. They were made responsible for all the crimes happening in the world. Uncle Sam and the empire lead the campaign of demonisation and gradually the othe players of the empire followed the same.

Islam becomes the synonym for violence. Muslims across the globe were under severe pressure to hide their identity. The hystria created by the empire becomes the threath for the survival of the community. Houses and apartments were shut for them. Literally they were made Demons in front the world. These “Demons” were the mascut for the porducts of the empire. The empire gains huge profit in this business.

National Security of the empire and its allies suddenly comes under threat. Military becomes storng and weapons were sold and bought to protect the empire. The protection started and people were killed and jailed for years without trail. The inmates or the victims of the empire poses a questions for the counciousness of the society.

The empire alwasy succeeded in creating a fear psychosis in the mind of the citizens. Consequently the citizens were turned in to subjects and they were forced to compromise their rights for the security of the empire. Fundamental rights of the citizens were encroched by the empire. The empire where animals decide whether a muslim should live or not. A government was revolving aorund an animal.

This situation blided the eyes and vison of the world from the good and positivity of Islam and Muslim community. The month of Ramadan through which you and me are passing becomes an answer for the questions and stereotypes about Islam. Ramadan is the projection of the image of Islam which was juxtoposed with today’s damaging stereotypes.

The month which exhibits the glorious tenets and practice of Islam such as comapssion and sharing. Fasting makes a muslim to relaise the pain of a poor and an hunger go through. Mosqes becomes the center for poverty alliviation. Charity and gifting becomes the rule of the day. But, its difficult to open the blinded vision of the world to see this.


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